Privacy Policy

Security Policy

Purposes of the use of personal information

We use personal information provided only for the purposes below or those approved by the related laws and regulations. We will not use personal information for other purposes.

(1) Personal information about our clients
To communicate with the client for various business matters
To implement various contracts and agreements signed with the client
To communicate with the client about meetings
(2) Personal information of customers who purchase our products (SOLCION)
For various procedures related to purchasing
For various procedures necessary to send the purchased product to the customer
To provide the customer with production information
To respond to customers’ inquiries
(3) Personal information about employees and workers
For human resources and labor management system
For payment of rewards, wages, and bonuses
For social insurance and tax procedures
To communicate various procedures necessary for work
(4) Personal information for job applicants
To provide the applicant with employment information
To select applicants and communicate with each applicant about the selection

Disclosure to a third party

We will not disclose or provide personal information obtained to any third party unless we receive consent from the information provider or are legally permitted to do so.


We take physical and technical security measures to prevent personal information from leaking and from being lost, damaged, or accessed illegally. In addition, we keep personal information under our appropriate management by providing employees with security education and by organizing necessary regulations relating to information management.

Disclosure to the individual information provider

When receiving a request for disclosure or correction of personal information, we respond to the request appropriately after confirming the person’s identity.

Inquiry about personal information

Please contact us via the contact form for details about how we handle personal information.