ISO Initiatives

We build and integrate management systems for each field and implement them for purposes described below.

  1. 1.Offering customers a higher level of quality
  2. 2.Contributing to the protection and renewal of our natural environment
  3. 3.Creating and maintaining a safe, clean, and comfortable working environment

Occupational health and safety management systems

We carry out appropriate risk assessment through work environment measurements, safety patrols, and hiyari hatto (near miss recognition) activities in pursuit of a safer, cleaner, and more comfortable work environment. We have obtained OHSAS 18001 certification, an international standard, and we are carrying out ongoing improvements by means of effective management.

Occupational health and safety management systems

Occupational health and safety policy

Fundamental principles

It is a fundamental principle of Ikex Industry to make it our priority to ensure health and safety in all business activities. We work to create healthy workplace environments where our members can work safely and comfortably. In striving to be a company that others can depend on and that we can be proud of, we work to actively prevent accidents from happening to anyone in any work-related activities.

Basic policy

  1. We shall utilize the necessary technology and management resources to improve occupational health and safety, establish an occupational health and safety management system, and regularly review it in terms of validity, appropriateness, and effectiveness while working to make continual improvements.
  2. We shall strictly adhere to all occupational health and safety regulations and other requirements agreed to by Ikex Industry Co., Ltd.
  3. We shall establish occupational health and safety goals in every division and section and periodically reevaluate them.
  4. We shall work to create a more comfortable workplace by improving equipment, job safety, and our workplace environment.
  5. We shall provide necessary and sufficient education and training to all employees to ensure their health and safety.
  6. We shall keep all employees informed about our occupational health and safety policy by such means as posting it in the company.
  7. We shall communicate with all workers and promote health and safety activities.

In addition, this occupational health and safety policy shall also be released to the public.

Ikex Industry Co., Ltd.
Hisamitsu Ikegami, President