ISO Initiatives

We build and integrate management systems for each field and implement them for purposes described below.

  1. 1.Offering customers a higher level of quality
  2. 2.Contributing to the protection and renewal of our natural environment
  3. 3.Creating and maintaining a safe, clean, and comfortable working environment

Environmental management systems

We take widespread action in every area of operations in every division to protect the environment. This includes saving resources and recycling to prevent depletion of natural resources, saving energy to minimize global warming, and taking action to prevent environmental contamination. We continue to move forward with ongoing activities to protect the environment based on international ISO 14001 standards.

Environmental management systems

Environmental policy

Fundamental principles

Social contribution is our corporate responsibility. Ikex Industry knows how important environmental problems facing our planet are, and that solving them is vital to the survival of each and every one of us. We are therefore working constantly to reduce our environmental impact as we strive to be a company that others can depend on and that we can be proud of.

Basic policy

We are working to implement our environmental policy in our manufacturing (production) activities across all divisions, continue reducing the environmental impact of our products, and prevent environmental contamination.

  1. We shall set up an environmental management system and continually work to improve it
  2. We shall strictly adhere to environmental regulations and other requirements agreed to by Ikex Industry Co., Ltd., and do the following to the extent that is technologically and economically possible:
    1. (a) Careful and efficient use of raw materials and energy resources
    2. (b) Reduction of waste materials
    3. (c) Control substances that impact the environment through reduction and/or salvaging and shift to environmentally-friendly substitutes
  3. We shall establish environmental aims and goals in each division and section and regularly review them to ensure ongoing improvement using the PDCA cycle
  4. Keep all employees informed about environmental policy by such means as posting it in the company.

In addition, this environmental policy shall also be released to the public.

Ikex Industry Co., Ltd.
Hisamitsu Ikegami, President