Management Policy

Striving to be a company that others can depend on and that we can be proud of.

President’s Message


Ikex was the first company in Japan to use electroforming process technology in mold making. As a pioneer in electroformed mold making, we have continued to build on our research and development, working to improve equipment and technology from mold making to a wide variety of surface decoration processing, including plastic molding, printing, coating, laser processing, and plating. The full use of these processes has allowed us to offer a system that can consistently handle every process all the way until the production of the final part.

In all of our businesses, we strive to be a company that our customers can depend on and a company where each of our members can take pride in every aspect of work that they carry out.

Ikex is taking on the challenge of entering the age of globalization in a world that is changing at an unprecedented pace. As the needs of our customers diversify, more highly advanced products are being demanded at an increasing speed. At the same time, everyone in the world is together in facing environmental problems—and finding solutions to these problems is a task that concerns all of us.

With this in mind, we will continue to boldly take on different challenges and relentlessly work to keep reinventing ourselves. Under the theme of comprehensive technology, we will offer a level of quality that ensures customer satisfaction, and we will tackle environmental issues that our global society and local communities face as we strive to be a company that others can depend on and that we can be proud of.

Hisamitsu Ikegami, President